In theory, agriculture has a wide range of options for reducing greenhouse gases. In practice, however, the effectiveness of the measures has hardly been tested. Similarly, there is a lack of empirical data on the feasibility of such measures. Finally, the reduction of greenhouse gases should not take place at the expense of animal welfare, biodiversity or economic efficiency.

This is where the AgroCO2ncept project comes in: Farmers and entrepreneurs from the Flaachtal region have taken the initiative to demonstrate the feasibility of practical climate protection in everyday agricultural life and in the region. They want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their farms, store CO2 and use their experience to contribute to climate protection throughout Switzerland.

Contact details:
Quai du Seujet 28, 1211 Genève 1 – Suisse
Esther Thiébaud
Website: AgroCO2ncept


The three main concerns can be combined in the formula “20/20/20”:

  • Minus 20 % CO2 emissions by saving resources, storing carbon and producing renewable energy in a climate-friendly agriculture.
  •  Minus 20% expenditure through cost reductions, synergies and efficiency increases on the production side.
  • Plus 20% more added value through the acquisition and transfer of knowledge, the sale of climate-friendly products, certificate trading and image enhancement for those involved and the region.

The special features of the project are the joint approach to permanently anchor the topic of “climate protection” in agriculture, the acquisition and transfer of knowledge and experience, the application in practice to further promote innovative developments and the regional approach, which also includes the upstream and downstream sectors up to the end consumer.