BioRegion Mühlviertel

The Mühlviertel region encompasses the four Upper Austrian districts that lie north of the River Danube.  In recent decades, Mühlviertel has developed into one of the leading regions for organic farming in Austria with more than 2,100 organic farms and many small to large-scale food processors offering a wide range of distinctive organic products.

Contact details:
Industriestraße 6, 4240 Freistadt
Magdalena Aufreiter
Website: BioRegion Muehlviertel

Together for a Good Life

Established in 2010, the association ‘Bioregion Mühlviertel’ is both a marketing brand and a strong network of local / regional businesses that are committed to the deep and comprehensive establishment of organic food and farming as a sustainable way of life in the region. 

The network includes organic direct marketing companies, restaurants and hotels, schools and both artisan and larger-scale commercial organic food processors.  Together they use their individual qualities and knowledge to help strengthen cooperation and participation and to create valuable interactions, inter-dependencies and cycles in the region’s organic sector with the ultimate goal of ensuring sustainable regional development.

The interest of network partners to work together under a regional quality brand and to cooperate in product development and innovation, as well as marketing and awareness-raising, has steadily increased in recent year. As a result, the network has become increasingly formalised and is now managed as a well-defined organizational structure