Gronne Folk

More and more people are realizing that living green also means eating green and it is widely acknowledged – for example – that a global reduction in the production and consumption of meat will contribute significantly towards addressing the intensifying climate crisis.

‘Gronne Folk’ (Green People) is a partnership between vegetable growers and chefs in the region of Frosta, a lush peninsula in the middle of Norway where farmers have been growing vegetables for generations.

More than 50 different varieties of potatoes, salads, onions, peas and herbs grow in the region, but there is little or no processing of vegetables and over 30% of the vegetables produced are wasted due to the lack of novel ways to reach the market, failure to meet retail requirements or due to minor damage.

Contact details:
Hegstad, 7633 Frosta
Ragnhild Eggen Viken
Website: Gronne Folk

‘Green people are not just green people they are also innovative people.’

‘Gronne Folk’ is therefore working to develop a new and contemporary food concept of ready-made vegetable-based foods that aims to reach everyone who wants to have a more vegetable-based lifestyle. The main objectives are:

  • Make use of the entire vegetable production
  • Reduce transport
  • No additives
  • Make it easy to utilize in dishes
  • Good taste
  • Nutrition
  • Local processing

‘Gronne Folk’ is growing rapidly and planning to expand distribution to all of Norway. They have acquired a contract with ‘Bama’, a major fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Norway, for delivering their products; with the online store ‘Kolonial’, and; the supermarket chain ‘Rema 1000’.