Races de Bretagne

The search for new livestock breeding models in Brittany is booming, driven by an urgent environmental and economic context and strong societal demand.

Through a European Economic and Ecological Interest Group (GIEE) working on ‘efficient’ agriculture in the Brittany region, the Federation of Breeds of Brittany (which brings together ten associations of local Breton breeds with small numbers of members) wished to set-up and run their own research.

Contact details:
Rue Maurice le Lannou, Rennes, Frankrijk
Rim Chaabouni
Website: Races de Bretagne

Optimizing the management and genetics of local Breton breeds

All the participating livestock breeders aim to progress their commitment to agro-ecology and integrate local breeds better into their farming systems. To do this they need to know if their chosen management practices are performing well, but they lack technical support and the opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with other professionals.

The objective of this project is to identify what management techniques and practices can be used to optimise the breeding and processing (including product development) of the local breeds. Based on action research partnerships and the promotion of bottom-up co-creation approaches, the local breeders have formed into groups with the aim of:

  • Identifying best practices and keys to collective success;
  • Assessing animal performance and the effects of their best practices;
  • Experimenting on private farms;
  • Assessing the progress of individual farms that have changed their management approach;
  • Developing and promoting quality products from local breeds;
  • Disseminating good practices and new techniques.