100% Valposchiavo

“100% Valposchiavo” is a project based upon the cooperation between tourism organisations, farmers’ associations and the Trade and Tourism Association of Valposchiavo, Switzerland.

The aim is to strengthen the positive relationship between local food products and tourism in the Valposchiavo Valley that links Switzerland and Italy. 

Thanks to the innovative local farmers and a strong food processing sector the Valposchiavo Valley has a diverse range of local products, whilst its geographic location offers the possibility to create a unique culinary experience for its guests who have the chance to enjoy the good quality products in the beautiful and dramatic landscape where they are made.

Contact details:
Kaspar Howald
Website: Valposchiavo Project

Enjoy good things where they  come from

The “100% Valposchiavo” project strives to combine the three-pillars of ecological, economic and social sustainability through i) the creation and/or strengthening of local value chains from production to processing to consumption, and; ii) linking these value chains to the promotion of tourism and the improved quality of the tourism services provided in the Valley.

The use of local products minimises transport and directly supports the already well-developed organic farms in the Valley. Higher demand for local raw materials also maintains the diversity of local farming systems and the traditional landscapes associated with them. The project also brings the local community and its guests closer together to appreciate the production and processing of healthy, seasonal foods as an essential part of local culture and tradition.

Taken together these cross-sectoral, inter-connecting actions within the “100% Valposchiavo” project contribute significantly to job creation, quality of life and the regional development of this unique mountain region.