Universidad Politécnica de Madrid – Planning and Evaluation Group

UPM develops an intense collaboration with governmental bodies, industry and other relevant agents in the innovation chain in order to offer real solutions to real-world problems and work together in the transfer of knowledge and innovation to society. This is among its lines of strategy, what place UPM among the Spanish universities with the greatest research activity and first in the capture of external re-sources in a competitive regime.

UPM headed the Spanish University participation in the 7th European Framework Programme with 286 projects and 83 million Euro funding. One of the main UPM technology transfer driver is the business creation, as ActúaUPM internal program generated 140 businesses in the last 10 years, 80% of which still exists. UPM is an institution committed to innovation, the transfer of knowledge generated through its research to society, and its transformation into advances and applied technological developments.

 Contact person:

José M. Díaz-Puente