Green Workshop Wendland

The Green Workshop Wendland is a non-profit organization that uses the endogenous potential of a region in northern Germany to strengthen local sustainable (green) development.

The Green Workshop Wendland is an innovative think tank and creative association of people from the Lüchow-Dannenberg district that is cooperating with local SMEs that have an organic or ‘green’ orientation for the future

Contact details:
Kukate 2, 29496 Waddeweitz
Michael Seelig
Website: Green Workshop Wendland

‘A highly creative process for everybody involved’

The Green Workshop currently runs several activities:

  • Regularly organising ‘design camps’ that aim to establish interdisciplinary groups at local level. These camps at the interface between university students’ projects and organic food processors and other firms committed to improving their environmental sustainability;
  • Organising the ‘Tiny Living Festival 2019’ that links actors in the local sustainability / organic scene with regional actors from the food, wood and bioeconomy industries;
  • Creating an inter-generational housing project that is restoring abandoned farmsteads into functional dwellings again.

These activities aim to retain skilled workers / young people in the area; enhance the innovation potential of agriculture and the rural economy, and; generally ensure a higher quality of life in the local countryside.