Family connections

LIAISON is one of a growing ‘family’ of Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects that aim to strengthen the systems and processes associated with the generation, sharing and practical use of agriculture and forestry-related knowledge at European, national, regional and local level

Projects and Networks

LIAISON is a multi-actor research and innovation project and therefore part of the EIP-AGRI Network that currently links and enhances communication and cooperation between everyone with a keen interest in using the available EU Horizon 2020 and CAP rural development funds for supporting innovation in agriculture, forestry and the broader rural economy.

LIAISON is also working to develop policy recommendations for the delivery of EU policies to speed up innovation in rural areas and is therefore closely connected with the Strategic Working Group (SWG) on Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) of the DG AGRI Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR).

The ‘family’ of Horizon 2020 multi-actor projects related to LIAISON are listed below.

Name / LinkDescription
AgriSpinAgriSpin was one of the first H2020 projects on improving innovation processes in agriculture and aimed to identify best practices for innovation support services

AgriLink is working to understand how the role of agricultural advice and associated advisory services/providers in farmer decision-making can be improved, especially regarding their adoption of new innovations


EURAKNOS aims to design an open source data system for making the practical knowledge and innovative solutions collected within H2020 Thematic Networks more accessible and usable by farmers, foresters and other rural businesses


EUREKA has a similar objective to the EURAKNOS project, but focuses upon piloting a web-based knowledge reservoir for collecting and storing the outputs from the significantly greater number of H2020 multi-actor research and innovation projects that exist


FarmDemo is a close collaboration of three projects that all aim to enhance peer-to-peer learning between farmers and focus on farm demonstration as a tool to boost innovation uptake


FAIRSHARE is building an inventory of digital farm advisory tools and provides a platform for advisors from across the EU to interact with this inventory in order to exchange, co-adapt, co-design and apply the available digital tools


I2connect works with existing farm advisory networks and aims to build the skills of those advisors who will support and facilitate interactive innovation processes in response to the multiple challenges in European agriculture and forestry


NextFood aims to design and implement more action-based education and training for professionals involved in the sustainable development of the agrifood and forestry sectors


SIMRA aims to advance the state-of-the-art in social innovation and connected governance mechanisms in agriculture, forestry and rural development with an emphasis upon marginalised rural areas


SmartAgriHubs works with a diverse network of start-ups, SMEs, business and service providers, technology experts and end-users to help unleash the innovation potential of the digital transformation of the European agri-food sector