Pstrag Ojcowski

Trout was first introduced in the Ojców National Park in the Małopolska region in 1935 and the Ojcowski Trout is today included in List of Traditional Products maintained by the Polish Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Contact details:
Ojców 48, 32-047 Ojców
Agnieszka Sendor
Website: Pstrag Ojcowski

Traditional trout farming in a modern version

In 2014, Magda Węgiel and her daughter Agnieszka Sendor, began renting unused ponds in the National Park with the aim of:
• utilizing the historical infrastructure and natural conditions for running a fish farm that was consistent with the tradition and the local environmental requirements;
• using innovative forms of modern communication and marketing to sell the trout, and;
• promoting conscious and ethical fish farming, whilst educating communities about the history of the region and its culinary traditions.

In addition to the production and breeding function, the project has an environmental and educational function by creating an informational path for those who visit the National Park and by making the renewed trout breeding a tourist attraction.

Thanks to the innovative fish farm (the only one of its type in Poland), the Ojców National Park has enjoyed increased visitor numbers and associated economic benefits. Visitors can see how the natural process of fish growth is taking place in the full development cycle and spend time in nature tasting the local product.

The project has received many awards and distinctions, including the COPA-COJEGA Innovation Award for Woman Farmers 2018.