Innovation in the case study

The aim of the informal partnership was to find a practical solution to a problem facing beekeeping in some regions of Bulgaria – thefts of beehives, especially in remote areas.

Although in recent years was a boom in beekeeping, a lot of the hives were located outside populated areas, and very often they were far from bee pastures. As a result of interactions between the start-up and the end-users, an innovative beehive (AS hive) was developed. The beehive reduced the beekeeping workload by 2 to 3 times, allowing a beekeeper to handle a much larger number of hives.

It also included an innovative pollen catcher that reduced the cleaning work of the beekeepers and an innovative feeder adapted to all types of feed.

Bee Keeping

A security system could be added to prevent the risk of hive theft, especially in apiaries that were remote from towns and therefore theft-prone. The AS hive was aimed at making apiaries cost-effective in remote, difficult-to guard places, close to bee pastures.

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