Innovation in the case study

The Food Heroes project is described as being innovative in
itself as it chose to tackle an under-treated issue: food waste or
losses at the first stages of the food supply chain. Also, they
applied a common and specifically developed “Food Heroes
Co-creation Methodology”.

Interreg prescribes that projects should support or implement
close-to-market innovation. The Food Heroes project partners
supported stakeholders, such as farmers, restaurateurs, fish
processors, food processing businesses, NGOs, charities, etc.
to develop ideas to successfully turn food waste streams into
added value and bring them to fruition.

They did this by applying the Food Heroes Co-creation Methodology, which enabled the partners to bring all these different stakeholders
together and get them in touch with unusual suspects, such as
designers or creatives, with little background in the agri-food
sector, thus providing a completely different perspective.


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