Innovation in the case study

The RISS process itself is innovative – it is the catalyst or planning phase that lays the groundwork for innovations to come to fruition after the conclusion of the RISS phase through continued engagement amongst multiple diverse stakeholders in the supply chain.

Social, organisational, commercial and/or technological innovations are all important and relevant types of innovation fostered through RISS groups. 

Thus, the initial idea – a group looking to address a certain issue – may come from the farmers or project-level stakeholders themselves or from a facilitator who identified the idea / need through conversations with farmers. Inspiration, planning and development all take place throughout the groups’ engagement in a non-linear iterative cycle, leading to the realisation of a project plan.

Rural Development

That project plan may then be submitted to another funding body for continued research and testing of the idea, or a commercial venture may be developed enough for the actors to commence based on the results from their RISS collaboration.

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