Boerenbond Vereniging voor Innovatieve Projecten – Innovatiesteunpunt – Innovation Support Center for Agricultural and Rural Development


Innovatiesteunpunt (ISP) is the Innovation Centre for Agricultural and Rural Development, which is embedded within Boerenbond and Landelijke Gilden, the largest agricultural and rural development organization in Flanders, Belgium, with a membership of 17,000 farmers and 70,000 rural families. 

Within this broad organization, ISP provides a focal point for agricultural and rural innovation and permanently incubates and delivers more than 30 EU or nationally funded innovation pilot projects.  These projects focus on applying theoretical knowledge gained from fundamental research to the development, testing and practical implementation of innovative products, processes, and services that are essential for promoting a sustainable agricultural sector and a vibrant and resilient rural economy.

Contact person: 

Jolien L'homme