Universita di Pisa – Agriculture, Food and Environment


Through our research, and related higher education and advisory work, we support the transition to sustainable and resilient agri-food systems. Our vision is based on an intimate understanding of the multidimensionality of agriculture and food; diversity of social needs; and existing societal challenges. We take a problem-based approach, linking these different spheres in a social and ecological systems perspective, and building on multiple theories. We use various qualitative and quantitative research methods and collaborate with researchers from a wide range of disciplines.

Already for some time, we have transcended academia to do research with actors in policy and practice. Over time, we have learnt how to meaningfully engage with the actors ‘in the field’ and ‘co-design’ and ‘co-innovate’. In all our work, we follow the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation.

Contact person: 

Gianluca Brunori