LIAISON is a multi-actor project that brings together a diverse community of researchers, actors from innovation projects, initiatives and networks, decision-makers and administrators in a highly interactive work programme to jointly investigate the design and implementation of interactive innovation projects – both inside and outside of the EIP-AGRI.

 LIAISON has nine work packages (WPs):

WP1 provides the conceptual framework and ensures a common understanding of key terms and concepts between teams.

WP2 aims to enhance the participatory methods that are used for working together.

WP3 aims to discover different practitioners form interactive innovation projects from several European regions through the European Rural Innovation Contest (EURIC) which will award 15 Rural Innovation Ambassadors.

WP4 will guide the in-depth assessment of 32 interactive innovation projects in a range of sectors and countries.

WP5 will test and enhance the methods used for assessing the effectiveness and impact of interactive innovation projects.

WP6 will integrate all findings and synthesize the main recommendations.

WP7 brings practitioners and stakeholders to the project and facilitates the dissemination and exploitation of project results.

WP8 aims to ensure a successful and efficient implementation of the project by coordinating all activities and processes.

WP9 focuses on ‘Ethics’ and is closely connected with WP8.